There is still so much that you don't know about the clothes on your back or the brands you support~

We will never forget April 24th, 2013, the day that witnessed the death of over 1.1K factory workers in the collapse at the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh due to unacceptable negligence, lack of oversight, and simply, corporate and consumer apathy.

This overwhelming homicide--for which we all share blame--cannot remain ignored or go without a fight.

One year has passed, and we continue to wait for justice. 

Justice not only for those affected by this disaster (who have still not received their full promised financial compensation) but still for the millions of garment workers around the world, slaves to corporate greed and our materialism, who continue to endure harsh working conditions that are physically and mentally intolerable. They are the living dead, the invisible producers of our clothing whose faces we cannot see, whose voices we cannot hear, and whose scarred hands we cannot hold. They are stuck behind closed doors... literally.
Below is a screenshot I took from an undercover CBSNews investigation where you can see just how accessible one of the only fire exits is in this garment factory that produces clothing for Wrangler, Walmart, and Asics:

You can watch the full clip (only about 4 mins) here: http://youtu.be/W1mvcFuiTts

And today, one year after this horrible tragedy, with justice unserved and policies mostly unchanged, we come together to demand transparency in the production of our clothing and call for an end to the exploitation that plagues this industry; enough is enough.
An industry that is focused on the exterior needs to start looking inward.

"Perhaps one of the most surprising aspects of the Rana Plaza disaster was that, even a week later, many brands did not know whether or not they had been producing clothing within the building. The theme for the first year brings the consumer to the forefront and tell brands that they want to know who made their clothes."
And this begins with you~  
You've already read my rants before about the Fashion Industry's Inconvenient Truth, so no need to retell those nightmares. Instead, in honor of the 1100+ garment workers who lost their lives to make our clothes, I want to push just 5 positive actions you can do today, right now: 

1. Boycott
Okay okay this one is less of a "you can do it right now today" and more of a lifestyle choice to be more conscious in your shopping, to questioning and research labels and brands, and to refuse to monetarily voice your support of unethical fashion! You can find a list of the top violators of human rights on my boycott list, here: bit.ly/joojooazadboycott

2. Join the Fashion Revolution
Our friends at the Fashion Revolution urge us to ask ourselves "Who makes our clothes?"
They have put together a beautiful website filled with information, resources, and events! Take a look around here: bit.ly/1ihm66w

And today, they are declaring a day of action to wear your clothes inside out, take photos, and send the brand whose clothes your wearing a tweet/facebook post asking them "Who made your clothes?" Be sure to include the hashtag #InsideOut and tag @fash_rev! (optional: tag me @hodakatebi and I will retweet you for extra agitation teehee!)

3. Agitate
On that note, nothing beats a good ole-fashioned twitter agitation! Fellow ethical blogger friend Ms.Wandas has put together a twitter vigil that you can join here: bit.ly/1nI2SMC! (Regardless of if you join the vigil or not I highly recommend you take a look at her blog--she's a big inspiration of mine!)

4. Sign the Petition
Demanding companies "To invest 1% of profits to end abuse in fashion!"
Takes less than a minute to sign--you can do that right now! chn.ge/1nqEp13

5. Spread the Word
Educating yourself and others is just as important, if not more important, than the above actions! Write your own post on facebook, a blog, twitter, etc, talk with your friends, family, frenemies, enemies, pets, neighbors--spread the word! (Crunched on time? Feel free to share this post using the links below:)


Together we can make a difference. Join the revolution and take a stance to end the injustice, exploitation, and gross violation of basic human rights that is happening because of our apathy.
For more information check out: FashionRevolution, Ms.Wandas, The Fashion Industry's Inconvenient Truth, and The Real Monsters in Your Closet.

Vow never again and join the global movement.

4/24/13 ~ We will never forget.



Photo credit, in order from top of post: Keiron O'Connor for FashionRevolution, news.com.au, FashionRevolution, FashionRevolution, news.com.au


Ah this shoot brings back memories. Freezing to death, climbing on things I probably shouldn't be, consequently being super awkward when people walk by, and Alex and I rushing to get the shoot done before it gets too dark. I actually also sneaked a few amusing photos of Alex climbing the statue and slipping on ice to get a good photo, which was fun. 
Speaking of ice--IT'S NO LONGER COLD in Chicago! 
Well, for the day! Let's hope this warm weather is here to stay! 

Also I've been working on measurements, proportions, etc to better fit larger photos on le blog--you like? c: 
I'm actually super tempted to just redo my entire layout to be better suited for photos, because you know I just have so much free time now that midterms are approaching......

Oh! And as I was uploading these photos I realized that I actually have no idea what statue we were casually climbing, so I looked it up, and turns out this statue was commissioned for the Colombian World Exposition by the Sweedish community in Chicago! #funfact

Photos: Alex | Jacket: Forever21 | Boots: DSW | Blouse: Local boutique

Happy Monday! xx

P.S. Whoops! Sorry if I accidentally posted, unposted, and reposted this post #technicaldifficulties





Definitely have been gravitating towards black and white lately (example A), and I feel it's such a fresh alternative for spring! Black and white gingham gives off a very light and clean look, and is not too busy a pattern to get overwhelming when worn head-to-toe! 

Above and below are a few of my picks from ARK's Gingham Garden collection. I especially love these pieces' modern cuts and silhouettes (that rhymed!) that breathe new life into a classic pattern. You won't see your grandmother wearing these babies! 

And when it comes to upgrading classics, no one's got it down like the Brits. ARK is UK-based brand that is more than just black and white (bad pun intended!). They've mastered the art of street-style clothing for both men and women, and give a bit of edge to everyday pieces. Check out the rest of their collections here! (P.S. Yes, they ship internationally!) c:

Which one was your favorite? xx
Happy Thursday!



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Even though this shoot was done in the middle of winter, they are (unfortunately) so relevant to today! I still don't understand how it is physically snowing in April (#globalwarming), but whatever it is, I'm sure you all got enough complaining on your own social media haha. These photos were taken literally on impulse, as Alex and I were returning our car rental and saw this amazing bridge and couldn't help but pull into a random garage and jump out and take photos! Shooting in the rain/snow is always fun, unless of course you have to take of your coat. On the plus side, I got one last wear out of these boots before I have to (hopefully) pack them up for the rest of the year!

Photos: Alex | Location: Chicago, 55th Street | Coat: Zara | Sweater: Thrifted | Shirt: Zara | Boots: DSW

Have a lovely Tuesday!
(And stay warm!)




There could not be a better way to end your week than with a does of cuteness ~


#cantdeal I want them.
Takin tips from the babes. Most of these photos are linked to their Instagram account where you can squeal over more adorable fashion!
Which one was your favorite?

OH! Also, if you've been keeping up with my Facebook page and Twitter, you might have heard the news--I'm so very honored and thrilled to be listed in TeenVogue's top 10 fashion bloggers! I couldn't have done this without all of your support and hearting of my photos on their site (you can check out my profile and heart, here, teehee!) xx

ALSO, thank you so very much to Rivista Di Moda for featuring me on the cover of the February issue of their online publication!! I am actually speechless and so honored! This shoot was the product of Alex's incredible photography, hours of ideation and editing, and almost getting frostbite! (Yes, this was shot in the middle of one of Chicago's polar vortexes -- (shh, don't tell my parents!))

You can read this full online issue here: http://bit.ly/1iAoPc6 !

Again, I just want to thank you all so very much for your incredible support these past 8 months--it has been an incredible journey and I'm so honored for your readership, kind words, and love! I'll make it up to you in a giveaway? :D No but really, you all are amazing, thank you.




Location: UChicago | Jacket: c/o Persunmall
White Shirt: c/o Sammy Dress | Boots: c/o Zappos

Now that Alex is in France for the quarter, I've had to figure out how to operate my own camera, with limited success (oh well). But because I know most of you are probably only here for her stellar photography, you can still keep up with her work on her new photography blog as she documents her life in France! Check it out and leave some love: The Corner Slate xx In the meantime, I hope you all don't mind putting up with my amateur self-timer mess.

Anywho, since I am down to a tripod, I've been scouting out incredibly remote locations around campus to be able to take photos (how horrifying would it be to be caught in the act hahaha) so I'm back on my favorite roof! I'll go roof-hopping soon, and try to find something a bit more scenic for next time ahah c; 

This beautiful jacket was gifted to me by Persunmall, and I am absolutely in love! Not only does it have birds all over it (#winner!), it's the perfect weight for spring and can easily make things interesting! Take a peek at this beauty for yourself, here

Also! (phew this is getting lengthy) For the final post in the #macyscampustour series, I'm chatting about Macy's fashion for college! For me, light jackets are one of my favorite and most-worn things in my closet (excluding scarves hehe c; )--they are so versatile and great for any event, from classes to studying to interviews! (plus you can never say no to another layer with Chicago's weather and wind when walking to class!). A few of my favorites from their collection can be found here, here, and here!

Hope you're having a great start to the week! xx


P.S. I'm awaiting your suggestions for shoot locations! c;
P.P.S. Check out this post on teenvogue, here: http://fashionclick.teenvogue.com/post/s-o-l-o



Good morning! First just want to apologize for not having the chance to post for the past week--I think it's the longest I've gone without posting anything new! As you may know, spring quarter here at UChicago just started and so I've been all over the place in terms of organization and schedules; worry not--I'll be back in the blogging rhythm in no time! Hope you all had a lovely week (and enjoyed the break from my blog hehe)!

"Athletic" fashion has been running around (bad pun intended c; ) here and there and I'm personally a *reserved* fan of this trend (not supporting the re-popularization of Nike and Adidas, which are both on the Boycott List) but I really do enjoy, among other things, the upgraded sweatpants, boxy silhouettes, and varsity jackets and shirts. The latter can basically be worn with everything and I've been wanting to do just that! I put together three little mood boards using this varsity tshirt from Macy's as the basis and adding a few things here and there from little favorite socially-responsible stores like Angela Roi and sponsor Persunmall. Hope you enjoy!

Which one was your favorite? How would you wear this shirt? 

Happy Sunday!


Oh! And the winner of the Iranian New Years giveaway is Sandy K--congratulations! You'll be contacted shortly! c; Thanks again to everyone who entered! Let me know if you all like this sort of thing and I can make it happen more often! xx


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